Most frequent questions and answers​

We are an innovator, manufacturer and marketer of our own patented B G B® snap hook, since
1946. We make a high quality snap –  Made in Sweden.

We sell to manufacturers, distributors and retailers but not to private individuals. If you are
a private we love to refer you to one of our distributors. Please send us an e-mail (info@bgborsa.net)
and we will refer you to the closest one.

Comparing our B G B snap hooks with an Asian copy – is in our opinion as comparing apples
and pears. Our B G B snaps are not in competition with the copies as we consider us to be a
completely different product. Our snaps are stamped out of the highest quality Swedish steel,
and then forged, welded and coated to the highest quality snap.

Our snaps are used by a different variety of customers from manufacturers of leashes and
harnesses for animals and humans, by firemen, by farmers, in the lashing industry. Only your
imagination sets the boundaries for use of our products. We hope to be able to serve you as
customers in future.

It’s easy to determine if you are buying a high quality B G B snap. All our snaps are stamped with our trademark B G B, Orsa Sweden. If you don’t find our trademark then the snap is a copy or fake. In order to make the choosing even easier for our customers we have produced a mark that our distributors and retailers are allowed to use if they sell our products.

Our B G B snaps are available in a variety of different platings. Standard plating is electroplating.
Depending on volume with can also deliver green-, black-, and yellow chromate plating. For other plating requirements contact us.

We produce 7 different models and sizes of snaps. All in the highest quality and all made in Sweden.

Contact us by e-mail (info@bgborsa.se) or by phone (+46 250 410 24) for the closest retailer to your location.

Send us an email (info@bgborsa.se) and tell us what models you are interested in and the estimated volume and we will get back to a.s.a.p.

Most B G  B models we try to have in stock – depending on the volume needed. Some products are more bespoke and are produced on order. For bespoke orders we generally have 4-5 weeks delivery time.

Since October 2014, we offer our private customers in the Nordic countries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing.
Read the full warranty terms here


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